In my work I treat abstract concepts such as (free) time, effect and competition in a schematic way. These concepts mainly interest me because they are not easy to define, which gives them a certain emptiness

On the one hand, the emphasis is on the possibility of banal objects to embody abstract processes through association and analogy. On the other hand, the emptiness of abstract concepts is preserved because it does not refer to one moment or one story. I often use the canvas to create a kind of overview, a framework within which concrete objects come together because of their "nature" but sometimes also because of banal similarities such as color, shape and size.


2018 / 2019    Fine Arts, KASK School of Arts, Ghent (MA)
2014 / 2017    Fine Arts, LUCA School of Arts, Ghent (BA)
2016 / 2017    Fine Arts, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen
2013 / 2014    Fine Arts, AKV. St. Joost Breda (propedeuse)
2009 / 2013    Graphic Design, Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam


2020    Boijmans Ahoy drive-thru museum, Rotterdam
2020    Publieke werken, Rotterdam
2020    CC de Schakel, Waregem, Gaverprijs 2020
2019    Mu.ZEE, Oostende, Untitled
2019    KASK School of Arts, Gent, Graduation show
2019    Witte Rook, Breda, WKNDX 2018 Kolder, Gent, VLIJM
2018    CC de Schakel, Waregem, Gaverprijs 2018 (3rd place)
2017    LUCA, Gent, Sidderaal
2017    S.H.O.T.S, Gent, Kom ff kijken dan
2017    CC Stroming, Berlare, sale!
2015    Electron, Breda, Sint-Implex (gecureerd)


2019    Witte rook (interview)
2018    Gaverprijs 2018, online brochure
2017    Sint-Implex

1993, Haarlem, NL,
Don’t hesitate to contact me! mail to: c_alice1@hotmail.com.